Showrunner Angela Kang knew "The Strolling Dead" finale wouldn't be finished without Rick (Andrew Lincoln) and Michonne (Danai Gurira).

The series' previous hero, Rick withdrew the show in 2018, taking off on a secret helicopter. Michonne left the series in 2020 looking for Rick, the dad of her youngsters.

The first arrangement was for the two to be brought together in an as of late rejected film set of three.

At the point when Kang learned season 11 of the prophetically calamitous show would be its rearward in 2020, she told AMC she needed not one, yet both to return for its decision.

"I needed them in the finale all along of delineating the season and pitched it that way to AMC and said, "I know it's not all dependent upon me,

but rather I think the most ideal variant of the story is that they return," Kang told Insider over Zoom on Thursday.

"Everyone's like, 'That's right. We hear you. That is cool. We couldn't say whether it will work out,'" Kang said of the reaction she got.

Finale chief and leader maker Greg Nicotero told Insider on a different Zoom get back to they were all the while going

and forward on the decision about whether to remember Rick and Michonne for mid 2022 as they were preparing work on the show's last two episodes.

"We weren't certain about their accessibility. We weren't certain about how to coordinate this Rick and Michonne beat into the ongoing account,

which was wrapping up the Province story," Nicotero said, making sense of that they would have rather not detracted from

the tales of other significant characters, as Negan, Song, Daryl or Rosita.