San Francisco flexible star Deebo Samuel was hauled away the field Sunday in the wake of experiencing a physical issue

on his left side lower leg in the second quarter of a challenge against the Tampa Narrows Bucs.

The injury came on a second and-9 running play at the Tampa 43 with 5:10 left in the half.

Samuel, who is utilized as both a running back and beneficiary, took a pitch and made a beeline for the sidelines.

Yet, Tampa Sound's protection constrained him to scale back to within where he was handled by linebacker

Anthony Nelson what's more, a few of his partners. As Samuel was wrestled to the ground, his legs became curved and twisted.

The 49ers star bobbled and stayed on the ground, shouting in torment. As his colleagues assembled around him,

Samuel was stacked onto a truck, his head in hands, tears in his eyes as the soldout swarm recited "Deebo, Deebo, Deebo"

Before the injury, Samuel had conveyed the ball multiple times and 21 yards including a 13-yard score hurry to give the 49ers a 7-0 lead

and got 4 passes for 43 yards as San Francisco streamrolled to a 28-0 halftime lead. There was no word with respect to

the earnestness of the Samuel injury. It was the second consecutive week the 49ers have had a key hostile player

go down with what resembled a serious injury after quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo broke his left foot in the primary quarter a week ago.