Falcons wide collector A.J. Brown was strolling in reverse into the end zone with the ball in his hands in the wake of making a 40-yard

get in the second quarter of Sunday's down against the Tennessee Titans, his old group, at Lincoln Monetary Field.

No one was around Brown for 25 yards after he and Titans cornerback Kristian Fulton impacted before in the course.

Brown shunned him effortlessly, permitting him to take at the time and glance back at everybody. Was he short of breath from being required to run a significant distance by

and by after the score get he assumed he had pulled in along the sideline was managed fragmented by the replay corner?

Or on the other hand was it an unpretentious message to the Titans that they had committed an error.

Brown completed the game with eight gets for 119 yards and two scores in the 35-10 Birds win, putting a vehement stamp on the contention

that the Titans ought to have given him a rewarding agreement rather than exchanging him during the current year's draft.

Earthy colored's exhibition Sunday flaunted his capacities as a whole, with him making solid gets, getting yards later the catch,

and changing how the Titans optional covered the Birds collectors. Brown likewise assisted wide recipient DeVonta Smith with having an important day,

with Smith getting five passes for 102 yards and a score. The Titans moved their inclusion to Brown's side,

permitting Smith to get single inclusion and to utilize his course running abilities to get partition on protective backs.