On point: Guard in Berlin debuts Wednesday, November 23, on Peacock.

In front of the debut of the six-episode first season, television Aficionado got to visit with the cast and showrunner about what's to come in this side project series.

As recently revealed, On point: Guard in Berlin follows Guard (Adam Devine) as he moves to Germany to resuscitate his vocation.

Guard is more established yet not smarter when we get back with him years after the fact.

He ends up totally out of place in Berlin as he's brought together for certain natural appearances. Be that as it may, he likewise winds up gathering new faces.

One of the new individuals in his day to day existence is Heidi, played by Sarah Hyland.

They promptly associate since the two of them carry on with altogether different ways of life contrasted with their lives in the U.S. They are both keen on making significant music.

Investigate what the two entertainers needed to say regarding rejuvenating these characters. The cast is balanced by Flula Borg (Pieter), Jameela Jamil (Gisela), and Lera Abova (DJ Das Boot).

Flula is repeating the job he played On point 2, and it's unmistakable from the beginning that he imparts a past to Gisela.

Gisela is a remarkable new pop star with a mean streak. DJ Das Boot is Pieter's sister, and you can anticipate a lot of family show between them.

The triplet discusses what attracted them to the show and why they believe it's the best chance to bring the establishment back.

Directing the side project is Megan Amram, who honestly loved the films prior to being drawn nearer to rejuvenate the Peacock series.

There are numerous notable characters on Megan's rundown that she might want to bring back from the films should the show get a subsequent season.

Megan accepts the series returns when watchers need cheerful substance.