Arizona Cardinals quarterback Kyler Murray was hauled away the field with a noncontact knee injury under 90 seconds into

Monday night's down against the New Britain Nationalists. He is booked to go through additional testing on Tuesday, including a X-ray,

yet a source let ESPN know there is "little uncertainty that it's torn," alluding to the quarterback's upper leg tendon.

Murray went down after a 3-yard hurry to one side on the third play of the game.

The clock read 13:39 while Murray was gone to by group athletic mentors and specialists. He wasn't contacted before he went down.

Murray's colleagues took a knee around him very quickly, and mentor Kliff Kingsbury was likewise on the field minding the star quarterback.

The haul removed Murray the field toward the Cardinals' storage space as he sat in the back with a group athletic mentor.

ESPN's Lisa Salters investigated the game transmission that Murray was wailing as he entered the passage on the truck.

He was at first recorded as problematic to return prior to being minimized to out toward the finish of the primary quarter.

"It's intense,'' Kingsbury told ESPN's "Monday Night Football'' toward the finish of the quarter.

"He'll be out the remainder of the game. That is all I know at this moment. You would rather not see that.''