James Cameron's forthcoming blockbuster Symbol: Method of the Water was so costly to make, the chief allegedly told Disney

and twentieth Century Studios leaders it was the "most obviously awful business case in film history".

Assortment has announced Cameron assessed the film would should be the third or fourth-most noteworthy netting film ever - just to equal the initial investment.

"That is your limit," he said. The film's spending plan is assessed to have been near US$250 million,

yet Cameron has not uncovered the specific sum. He as of late told GQ magazine it was "very f...ing costly".

The first 2009 Symbol film is as of now positioned most elevated in top-netting films around the world - with US $2.9 billion -

and one more of Cameron's activities, Titanic is in the third spot at US $2.1 billion. Vindicators: Final plan is the second-most elevated netting film at US $2.7 billion.

To equal the initial investment, Symbol: The Method of the Water would have to overturn Star Wars:

The Power Stirs or Justice fighters: Limitlessness War, which sit at fourth and fifth separately.

The last trailer for the film, which opens in December, was delivered on Tuesday - appearing during ESPN's Monday Night Football match-up in the US.

The film is set over 10 years after the Institute Grant winning unique Symbol and stars Sigourney Weaver, Kate Winslet, Sam Worthington and Kiwi Bluff Curtis.

Tickets have quite recently gone on special for Symbol: The Method of the Water's premiere night meetings here in New Zealand on December 14.