The Los Angeles Rams scored 14 unanswered focuses in the final quarter to pull off a tremendous bombshell triumph over the Las Vegas Pillagers, 17-16.

New Smashes quarterback Cook Mayfield drove an eight-play, 98-yard drive with 1:45 excess in the final quarter down six focuses,

and hit Van Jefferson for a 23-yard score with only 10 seconds remaining. As per Elias Sports Department,

the Rams' 98-yard TD drive was the longest go on TD drive that started in the last two minutes over the last 45 seasons.

The Pillagers controlled rhythm the entire night, however Josh McDaniels' crew plainly took their foot off the gas pedal in the final part.

Derek Carr got done with 137 passing yards and two interferences, while Josh Jacobs scrambled for 99 yards and a score.

Davante Adams made some sprinkle plays also, and got three passes for 71 yards. John Wolford got the beginning for the Rams at quarterback,

however Mayfield supplanted him after only one drive. The previous No. 1 by and large pick finished 22 of 35 passes for 230 yards and one score,

while Ben Skowronek got seven passes for 89 yards. Mayfield was postponed by the Carolina Pumas this week

and not just needed to conform to another offense, yet he likewise was managing a brief time. Mayfield got the playbook on Tuesday night,

concentrated on it on the plane ride to L.A. what's more, notwithstanding just having Wednesday with the group, he some way

or another had the science required with his collectors to lead a 13-point rebound.