This is what Brazilian football at its best resembles. The lovely game ability and wise and the Selecão in their canary yellow,

in a real sense moving in happiness, with even the chief, Tite, participating. This was an ideal game,

or close enough, as Brazil slice through South Korea with accuracy passing, eminent spilling

and the kind of presentation that reminds you exactly what this group can do.

It was a 4-1 triumph in the Round of 16 for Brazil, which may very well be the top picks in this competition now,

for the unbalanced score as well as in the way of which it happened. The segment title on the site for Folha de Sao Paulo,

one of the nation's driving papers, put it best: "Brasil não dava espectáculo de tão alto nível em Copas desde o penta." Deciphered:

"Brazil hasn't placed on such a significant level show On the planet Cup since the fifth" as in its fifth title, back in 2002.

"We long for the [sixth] title, clearly" Neymar said in Portuguese, per ESPN Brazil. "Be that as it may,

we need to step by she was the fourth game today, we have three remaining."

Neymar of Brazil celebrates later scoring the group's second objective from a punishment against South Korea.

Richarlison, who previously scored what may be the objective of the competition with a bike kick against Serbia, exemplified that with Brazil's third objective in the 29th moment.