Will Ohio State's quarterback return back for a third season subsequent to losing two times to Michigan and not having an opportunity to play for a Major Tenchampionship?

C.J. Stroud is all around as modest as any youthful man in Ohio State's storage space. So here and there,

his postgame question and answer session after Saturday's stomach punch from Michigan wasn't horribly not the same as expected.

He was clearly harming subsequent to losing to Michigan for the second year straight. His individual detail line showed that he played pretty well-and I would arque that

he absolutely played all around ok for the Buckeyes to win. Yet, just like the situation when you mess around of this size toward the finish of the time, things come to a dramatic stop super quick.

The Buckeyes have been dispensed with from playing in the Huge Ten Title Game and their future is questionable.

Might they at some point actually make the School Football Season finisher? Maybe. It appears they would require a couple of different games to turn out well for them

(I actually put stock in my heart that they're fit for coming out on top for a public title with this group,

despite the fact that persuading myself regarding that subsequent to watching the protection in the last part today is hard).

Definitely however, the Buckeyes will play Another Year's Six Bowl Game to say the least. Stroud is viewed as one of the most amazing school quarterbacks in the nation and surely has a NFL future.

Maybe damnation actually be welcome to New York City as a Heisman finalist this year. In any case, will we at any point see him play again donning Red and Dim?

At the point when asked that very inquiry during his postgame question and answer session, Stroud couldn't offer a definite response.