Todd and Julie Chrisley have been condemned to jail subsequent to being indicted on bank misrepresentation and tax avoidance charges.

The Chrisley Realizes Best stars got a joined sentence of 19 years in jail in a government establishment.

Todd got a 12-year sentence, with Julie getting a lesser sentence of seven years. As indicated by Fox 5 Atlanta, the couple is because of report to jail on January 15, 2023.

The unscripted television stars got more limited sentences than the arraignment had contended for

and at first had to deal with upwards of 30 years in jail when they were sentenced back in June. Following their jail time, both Todd and Julie should finish 16 months of probation.

After an extensive preliminary recently, Todd and Julie Chrisley were indicted for tax avoidance and bank misrepresentation.

The unscripted television stars were tracked down liable back in June and were expected to be condemned not long after their preliminary finished.

Nonetheless, they were conceded an augmentation, which is the reason they were given their sentences on Monday.

Todd and Julie were found at fault for swindling banks out of $30 million in fake advances.

Since their convictions in June, Todd and Julie Chrisley have been on observed discharge. They have stayed in their Nashville home while being observed by the public authority.

There were recompenses so they could go to essential physical checkups, work occasions, meeting with their lawyers, and strict administrations. Past that, they were told to be at home.

Todd and Julie have proceeded to record and delivery their Chrisley Admissions webcast, however past that, they didn't appear to be working.

They have not expressed a lot of about their convictions as they were logical trained to stay calm.