Raul Rosas Jr. crushed Jay Perrin through accommodation (back bare stifle),

Cycle 1-2:44 at UFC 282 on Saturday, Dec. 10, 2022, live from the T-Portable Field, Las Vegas, NV.

Rosas Jr. overwhelmed when the ringer sounded, stifling out Perrin in under 3 minutes.

Rosas Jr, just turned 18 years of age in Octagon turned into the most youthful contender to at any point win a battle in the UFC.

Individual contenders quickly paid heed and tweeted out their viewpoints.

A few current and previous UFC champions tweeted about how dazzled they were with Rosas Jr. execution.

Various UFC contenders trust Rosas Jr. has unimaginable star potential and is possibly a future hero.

Alexander Rakic depicted what many individuals were thinking., the promotion train for

Rosas Jr. is simply going to get greater. Best of luck not hearing Rosas Jr's. name proceeding.

After Rosas Jr. required a presentation reward so he could purchase his mom a minivan so

he could get a drive to the UFC Execution Establishment, warriors began making jokes.