Jake was a blue grass music vocalist who hailed from Oklahoma, where he was most popular for his Red Soil subgenre of nation tunes.

His most memorable prologue to music came at his dad's solicitation. After Jake's father was determined to have ALS,

he requested that companions train his child to play guitar. Notwithstanding his vocation as an expert performer,

the "Cowtown" vocalist seemed to partake in a daily existence loaded up with his significant other,

companions, canine and a decent brew in view of his web-based entertainment accounts.

While his authority reason for death still can't seem not set in stone, Jake's marketing specialist let The Oklahoman know

that the performer passed on in his rest hours after he wedded Brenda on Saturday.

Hours before his demise, Jake and Brenda secured the bunch in country Oklahoma. It was a blustery day, as indicated by performer Mike Hosty,

who performed at their pre-marriage ceremony. "I actually have the mud in my old van ... yet, it was only a tomfoolery wedding,"

Hosty told The Oklahoman. "At the point when any artist requests that you play at their wedding, it's quite possibly of those most significant day ... furthermore,

it's dependably an honor." Brenda's Facebook profile picture, which shows the two kissing, has all the earmarks of being a photograph from their wedding.

She likewise transferred a video that is by all accounts from their pre-marriage ceremony that includes the two moving.