Dak Prescott has had something of an odd year for the Dallas Cowpokes this year.

He got going the year on the terrible side as he and the Cowpokes tumbled to the Tampa Narrows Marauders on the opening few days of the time

and experienced a physical issue simultaneously. He was exclusively out for two or three weeks, So on a superficial level it didn't seem as though

he planned to lose his beginning employment, anyway the play of reinforcement Cooper Rush sort of changed things,

as he directed the Cattle rustlers to four straight wins and, surprisingly, began discuss a potential discussion among him and Prescott.

After their most memorable misfortune under Rush however, the change was made and Prescott was back under focus

and he's kept up the great work by directing them to 7-3 and seeming as though they can make a ton of commotion in the end of the season games

and potentially even go the whole way to the Super Bowl. While he's triumphant however, you wouldn't confuse him with Joe Montana or Tom Brady,

as heading into their game against the New York Monsters on Thanksgiving, he was tossing simply 226.4 yards per game,

which positions 22nd in the association and has tossed a score on 5.3% of his passes, which positions tenth in the association.

What additionally hasn't helped are his block attempts, which he's tossing on 2.6% of his tosses, which additionally positions tenth in the association,

and he added to that number with his play on Thanksgiving, as he gifted the ball to the Monsters in the principal quarter.