That was awkward. It was awkward for the 60,000 or so freezing fans in the in some way sold-out Tottenham Hotspur Arena.

It was awkward for each and every individual who chose, against all explanation, to follow through on the compensation per-view cost. 

It was awkward for Derek Chisora, shuddering upon the effect of Tyson Wrath's punches, as those in the London setting shuddered from the virus.

It even appeared to be awkward for Wrath himself now and again. A many individuals said in August that this was a battle nobody needed.

The participation at Tottenham proposed in any case, yet one thing is undisputable: This was a battle that nobody required.

"I really wanted a few rounds," Fierceness guaranteed upon the challenge's decision, yet that was not a good reason for the beating

that he conveyed to the 38-year-old Chisora, a companion of Wrath's nevertheless a man that the WBC champion had previously beaten two times.

Also, the third time was not to be the appeal for Chisora, simply more mischief; the veteran tired, bloodied, enlarged

and disheartened when the official kindly finished this title battle late in Cycle 10. It was a similar place where Wrath, 34, had beaten Chisora in 2014,

three years subsequent to outpointing his kindred Briton. Wrath remains WBC champion and stays unbeaten, however this is a night that he will celebrate alone.

His presentation, in decency, was pretty much as amazing as was expected, yet against a second rate enemy, obviously.  Fierceness exchanged positions

and rebuffed the more limited Chisora with uppercuts as the challenger attempted to close distance with pokes to the body and overhands to the head.