Previous NFL quarterback Drew Brees says he is "fine" after an organized video in which the 43-year-old competitor gave off

an impression of being struck by lightning became a web sensation on Friday morning.

The organized video, which was first shared on Thursday night, showed Brees remaining before a camera group prior to lightning strikes him

and the video goes dim. The record that common the video expressed, "NFL star @drewbrees gets hit by Lightning in Catatumbo

while shooting a limited time video... More data in no time flat." By Friday morning, PointsBet had made a composed announcement on Twitter,

affirming they knew about the video and adding to the trick, saying they "are in correspondence with Brees' group."

"We know about the media inclusion with respect to PointsBet brand envoy Drew Brees," the organization composed.

"We are in correspondence with Brees' group and will keep on observing occasions over the next few hours. At this stage we won't offer any further remark."

ESPN journalist Katherine Terrell was among quick to contact Brees straightforwardly to affirm he had not been struck by lightning.

"I just messaged Drew Brees," Terrell tweeted. "He said he's great and that he didn't get struck by lightning."

Roughly two hours after the fact, PointsBet posted a video making sense of the farce. "Time to let you in on a little tomfoolery we've had,"

the organization tweeted, affirming that Brees is "fit as a fiddle and 'humming' for a few days of free wagers."