"In the end it's just about winning. You either win or you lose and we understand that.

Be that as it may, where we are with Our program, we need to win. We need to improve and the folks are improving.

The work today, I thought the folks just played hard beginning to end. Unpalatably, we haven't been ready to do a truckload recently,

yet I thought, first, the hostile line worked effectively. That guard we played, I think driving the association in sacks. 

I don't think we surrendered one. I thought Dameon Penetrate ran hard. Also, our collectors - we were down our main two recipients today -

yet Chris Moore truly moved forward. Amari Rodgers ventured up, so you like with those folks had the option to do.

What's more, quarterback-wise, once more, we rolled out an improvement. We looked for a flash.

I figured Davis turned out to be beneficial change passing the footbal, made some god tosses today.

Pursued a few decent choices today. I enjoyed things he did. Also, the mix with Jeff Driskel.

Right off the bat in the week we chose to go with this intend to utilize Jeff. I figured he ended up being useful things as well. 

Acknowledge toward the end we had an open door. First-and-foal inside the five. We expected to trade that out for a score.

Defernsively, at whatever point you can remove the ball, that is a major thing.