Nothing brings an alienated couple nearer than a common love for their youngsters — simply ask Tom Brady and Gisele Bündchen,

the most recent exes in the steadily developing pool of big name separations!

The previous companions were once among the most celebrated couples with a durable relationship record. 

In any case, the brilliant pair lost their brilliance and isolated in October.

Nonetheless, the finish of their heartfelt bond didn't prevent the unique couple from being agreeable.

The exes upheld each other while praising their little girl's birthday.

Bündchen and Brady are commonly appreciative for the new week, not just in light of the fact that

they have been honored with the endowment of life yet in addition for the delight of watching their daughter develop.

The ex-sweethearts' little girl Vivian timed ten on Monday, 5 December. To remember the youngster's outing around the sun,

the previous companions took to their particular Instagram accounts with ardent accolades.

While commending the birthday young lady, the Brazilian sensation dropped an early Christmas present for fans.

Before we jump into the supermodel's surprising treat, this is the way the pleased mother-of-two denoted her girl's tenth birthday celebration.