This game is finished. The Cardinals' safeguard constrained another Nationalists' dropkick, yet the offense turned

the ball over on downs for the fourth time in the game after a 6-play, 17-yard drive. Foal McCoy was sacked multiple times on the evening,

and he was compelled a ton more. The Loyalists ran out the clock for the 27-13 win.

The Arizona Cardinals are 1-for-4 on fourth downs in the game subsequent to turning the ball over on downs on their latest belonging.

Arizona's drive took 10 plays and went for only 21 yards. It took 4:53 off the clock.

The Nationalists' safeguard hasnt been giving Yearling McCoy much time as they have inclined up the tension on the Cardinals' QB.

He was sacked on fourth and 13 on Arizona's latest fourth down endeavor.

The Cardinals' safeguard is endeavoring to allow itself an opportunity.

The unit just constrained a three-and-out to give the ball back to the offense. Could the offense at any point get anything moving?

Arizona expected to get something moving on its next belonging to get once more into the game. It proved unable.

The Cardinals went 3-and-out to give the Loyalists the ball back with 12:33 left in the game.

The Cardinals are in a tough situation.