In the second, Ankalaev focused on staying up top, attacking Blachowicz’s head and body,

while Blachowicz peppered the top contender with devastating leg kicks. Late in the second,

a leg kick appeared to hurt Ankalaev, and a second caused him to lose his balance.

The third forced Ankalaev to remain in orthodox stance as Blachowicz chipped away at big shots to his leg.

Ankalaev found a bit of aggression early in the round, moving forward and finding his range with overhand rights

and stinging jabs. Ankalaev was determined not to allow Blachowicz to land leg kicks, 

moving forward so fast that his opponent couldn’t set his feet and it paid off.

Toward the end of the round, Ankalaev earned a takedown and was able to wait out the round.

Early in round four, Ankalaev earned the takedown and controlled basically the entire round with a dominant ground game.

In the fifth, a shot to the midsection sent Blachowicz falling backwards, allowing Ankalaev to jump on top

and control the ground yet again. With about a minute and a half remaining, Ankalaev poured it on in half guard,