Jennifer Lopez's new web-based entertainment movement. has left fans confounded. As Assortment noted, Lopez's Instagram account has been totally deleted.

Her other online entertainment channels, including Twitter and TikTok, have additionally went with the same pattern. However, as of this moment, it's indistinct why.

Lopez's Instagram account is her most followed web-based entertainment stage, as she flaunts 226 million devotees.

She additionally has huge number of adherents on Twitter (45.5 million) and TikTok (15 milion). Be that as it may, as of Tuesday, these records have gone dull.

Her Instagram, specifically, includes no previous posts and her profile picture is a dark circle. Her profile photographs on TikTok and Twitter additionally include dark circles.

In spite of the fact that, her past posts are as yet accessible on those stages. It's muddled what the purpose for this virtual entertainment conduct is.

Assortment brought up that previously, big names and performers have carried out new subjects to their online entertainment accounts

 in front of significant declarations about their work. The distribution connected with Lopez's rep for input, yet they declined to remark.

Since Lopez offered not an obvious reason for this web-based entertainment movement, fans have been left to guess on the web.

A considerable lot of them accept that it's an indication that another task is coming, provoking the hashtag,

"#JLolsComing" This evident virtual entertainment power outage comes soon after Lopez offered a major expression on her Instagram account close by her significant other,

Ben Afleck. She posted a clasp in which she and Affleck cuddle as a sound plays, "Folks I got it done! I found the individual that makes me the most joyful I've at any point been."

Lopez and Affleck marry this previous summer in Las Vegas. They later held a bigger service in Georgia with their loved ones.