The Planes couldn't polish off a rebound in that frame of mind on Sunday, tumbling to 7-6 on the season with their second misfortune in succession

The Planes have assembled a few exceptional rebounds this season, playing their best football with the game on the line.

Under these conditions on Sunday, in the snow against the powerful Bills, even Mike White couldn't will his group to a triumph. 

Subsequent to losing a few central members to injury -counting White, who momentarily got back to the storage space 

subsequent to experiencing a rib injury in the final part New York's offered for a rebound missed the mark in the final quarter.

Bison hung on by compelling a critical turnover down the stretch, making last stop to overcome the Planes, 20-12.

The primary half was a dropkick fest for the two sides. The Planes and Bills drop-kicked on the initial 10 drives of the game.

At long last, Bison had the option to snap that stretch with short of what one moment staying in the primary half,

polishing off a 70-play drive with a Dawson Knox score get from Josh Allen. New York answered decidedly with

their most memorable drive after halftime, walking 72 yards on 10 plays. Youngster Zonovan Knight,

who keeps on showing streaks of brightness in the backfield, scored New York's just score of the game, a 13-yard run.

That is the point at which the Bills began to pull away.