Majorie Ritchie is 98 years of age and completely able to share the key to her life span.

"l am so connected to this house - that is the explanation l'm still here" Ritchie said.

"I would rather not leave it." The house, in the Fremont Porch neighborhood of San Leandro, has been her home for a very long time.

Yet, Ritchie isn't bashful about conceding that her high level years have added challenges to in any case to remain there.

She quit driving around 2010 and she hasn't had the option to cook for around five years.

It was then that Help Open doors for Seniors Dinners on Wheels (SOSMOW) stepped in.

"I don't have the foggiest idea what I'd manage without Feasts on Wheels' Ritchie said.

Administration Potential open doors for Seniors Dinners on Wheels began in 1966 in Hayward

and has extended north throughout the years to serve San Lorenzo, Castro Valley, San Leandro

and Oakland. Whatever the spot, the goal continues as before.

"The general mission is to keep individuals in the homes that they appreciate for as lengthy

and as securely as could really be expected," said Dan Ashbrook, the not-for-profit's advancement chief.