Jack Sparrow could ride the high oceans again later on. Renowned maker Jerry Bruckheimer is giving Johnny Depp fans trust

that the once-troubled entertainer could get back to the dearest Privateers of the Caribbean establishment.

The super-maker as of late plunked down for a meeting with The Related Press, and was gotten some information about tales

and hypothesis that plans may be in progress for Depp to ultimately get back to the Disney establishment.

"We're actually dealing with it," Bruckheimer said, warily.

Bruckheimer - - who worked with Depp on every one of the five of the Privateers of the Caribbean films,

as well as 2013's The Solitary Officer - - added, "Nothing's conclusive yet, yet we keep on making little child strides getting towards a screenplay."

Depp's takeoff from the establishment came in the midst of his high-profile separate from Golden Heard, charges of misuse,

and a resulting slander claim. Following Depp's leave, news broke that Margot Robbie had been tapped to star in

and produce a female-drove Privateers of the Caribbean spin-off series with Bruckheimer.

Robbie, nonetheless, opened up for a profile interview with Vanity Fair back in November,

and uncovered that the long-gestating project was swimming with the fishes.