Kim Kardashian is "reexamining" her relationship with Balenciaga after the brand drew reaction for creating

a promotion crusade highlighting youngsters holding teddy bears wearing BDSM-style bridles.

The star ended her quiet on the contention in an explanation to Twitter Sunday night after fans had been requesting

she revile the extravagance design house for a few days. "I have hushed up for the beyond couple of days,

not on the grounds that I haven't been disturbed and shocked by the new Balenciaga crusades,

but since I believed an open door should address their group to comprehend for myself how this might have occurred," Kardashian wrote in a clarification.

"As a mother of four, I have been shaken by the upsetting pictures," she added. "The wellbeing of kids should be held with the most elevated respect

and any endeavors to standardize youngster maltreatment of any sort ought to have no bearing in our general public — period."

Balenciaga pulled the irksome mission — which likewise incorporated a printed duplicate of a US High Court choice on kid pornography regulations

behind the scenes of one picture — Tuesday in the midst of developing clamor and apologized for the terrible news bears.

The notices upheld Balenciaga's spring 2023 assortment, which appeared this fall at Paris Style Week.

"I value Balenciaga's evacuation of the missions and statement of regret," Kardashian tweeted. "In talking with them,

I accept they comprehend the earnestness of the issue and will go to the essential lengths for this to at no point ever occur in the future."