Minnesota Vikings quarterback Kirk Cousins credited the Detroit Lions for playing a lot of various inclusions

and being a "great football crew" in the wake of losing 34-23 at Portage Field in Week 14.

What's more, dislike Cousins had a terrible day, by the same token. The previous Michigan State star finished 31 of 41 passes for 425 yards

and two scores. Cousins likewise made it click with stud wideout Justin Jefferson to the tune of 11 gets for an

establishment record 223 getting yards. In any case, it wasn't sufficient, and Cousins gave the scorching Lions some adoration prior to leaving.

"Better believe it, I think they positively have a large number of inclusions they can play," Cousins said.

"They can pressure, gobble up your halfback or make you toss hot. They can drop eight and make you play inclusion, 

attempt to twofold Justin (Jefferson), or play a ton of off-protections. It's a smidgen of everything. I think they sort of played man on occasion,

they multiplied Justin now and again in man, they played two-profound zone, they constrained,

attempted to gobble up the backs, so there was various looks. Thus, we only sort of needed to oversee it play-to-play.

"Better believe it, indeed, they've actually the entire year - - they play hard and they're extreme. I think they were sharp against us Week 3, however

they absolutely were today also. They're a decent football crew, and in this association man, it's consistently, they're great."