Lana Del Rey shocked fans this morning with an arrival of another single named 

"Did You Had any idea That There's a Passage Under Sea Blvd" the title track from her 10th studio collection, set for release on Walk 10, 2023.

The collection highlights visitor appearances from Jon Batiste (who tidied up at the Grammys recently),

Father John Foggy, long time Del Rey maker Jack Antonoffs band Seats and others.

The title track to the vocalist's 10th full-length studio record was composed by Del Rey

and Mike Hermosa and created by Del Rey, Antonoff, Drew Erickson and Zach Dawes.

The collection will show up almost 18 months after her latest deliveries: She delivered two collections and a book furthermore,

book recording of her verse during a 15-month time span in 2020 and 2021, "Blue Balustrades" and "Chemtrails Over The Nation Club."

Close to this time last year, LDel Rey was respected with the Ten years Grant at Assortment's yearly Hitmakers occasion.

In a meeting with Assortment, Del Rey reflected on her profession from "Computer games" to "Blue Balustrades."

"I can't tell what degree l've affected anything," Del Rey said. "Be that as it may, I can express all of my imaginative cosplay -

otherwise known as notes from my reality - broadened up the sound in famous music for individuals to makea takeoff from an unadulterated pop sound to something more diarist."