Lions climbed in the season finisher standings subsequent to overcoming the Panthers.

The Detroit Lions actually face an extreme uphill move to make the 2022 NFL end of the season games,

however they further developed their goal following Week 13. Subsequent to overcoming the Pumas, 40-14,

the group actually climbed in the Trump card standings. The Lions have moved past the Birds of prey in the standings

and are twO games behind the Seattle Seahawks for the last season finisher position. Presently, the Seahawks hold

the sudden death round over Detroit, as they were successful in their straight on matchup at Passage Field Wideout DJ Chark communicated

that his group isn't paying attention to outside commotion and able to invest the effort to accomplish their objectives.

"One point I can make about this Lions group is we go to work consistently. We have faith in one another" said Chark.

"We don't place the blame, fortunate or unfortunate, we simply proceed to work, and we sort of keep the external commotion outside

and we have a decent spotlight and vision on what we believe should do and what we can do and we emerge and we do it.

That can say regarding this Lions group." The Lions next take the field at Portage Field against the division driving Vikings,

who are falling off a triumph against the New York Planes Detroit lost to the Vikings, 28-24, recently.