BACKSTREET Young men Part Scratch Carter is confronting another case he assaulted

a 17-year-old young lady on a transport during the teen pop band's Dark and Blue show visit in 2001.

Informer Shannon "Shay" Ruth documented a sexual battery claim in Clark Region, Nevada,

on Thursday guaranteeing Carter chose her from a line of fans looking for signatures at the Tacoma Vault in Washington

and welcomed her to go along with him on his visit transport when she was a clueless virgin.

Ruth, who says she lives with chemical imbalance and cerebral paralysis, claims Carter, who might have been 21 at that point,

took care of her a pink beverage named "celebrity squeeze" that tasted heavy drinker, requested her to get kneeling down,

pulled down his jeans and demanded she perform oral sex on him. She claims he taught her on the best way to continue despite the fact that she was crying.

Presently 39, Ruth claims Carter, who confronted a comparable charge in the past that was not arraigned, drove her to a bed,

"pushed" her down and strongly eliminated her jeans when she stood up to. Carter then purportedly endeavored to have sexual relations Ruth as she

"beseeched him to stop," the claim acquired by Drifter states orally. "Carter told her to 'Shh!' as he laid on top of her

and said it would be our 'unique mystery,'" the recording keeps, claiming that Carter vaginally infiltrated Ruth.