Keke Palmer is reserved and Occupied, as she verified during her initial discourse on "Saturday Night Live": She showed up in a few movies and shows,

ncluding "Probably not" "Alice," "Lightyear" "The Glad Family: Stronger and Prouder" and "HR." Be that as it may,

the long-lasting entertainer is taking on another job: Mother. During her initial speech of the Dec. 3 episode of the NBC sketch parody show, Palmer, 29,

said she was expecting to take the time on air to address a few tales that had been coursing about her lately. Begin the day more brilliant.

Get all the news you really want in your inbox every morning. "Individuals have been in my remarks saying, 'Keke's having a child' 'Keke's pregnant'" she said.

"What's more, I need to set the record straight:l am." She unfastened a larger than usual raincoat to uncover a tank top and a child knock,  

collecting a roaring round of cheers and praise. That's what palmer kidded it's "terrible when individuals spread bits of hearsay about you on the web... in any case,

it's even more awful when they're right." She proceeded: "I was attempting to stay quiet about it since I have a ton of stuff going on.

Individuals coming dependent upon me going 'congrats!' I'm like, 'shh, can you all stop? I have an alcohol sponsorship on the line.

Allow the check to go through." Palmer's agent Lauren Auslander further affirmed the declaration to USA TODAY.

Palmer's most memorable acting appearance was in "Akeelah and the Honey bee" when she was 13. From that point forward,

she has turned into a pillar in media outlets as an entertainer, vocalist, comic and television have.