Steve Wilks and the Carolina Jaguars went into Lumen Field in Week 14 with a mentality equipped towards season finisher football.

What's more, adequately certain, it paid off. Carolina's 30-24 victory over the Seattle Seahawks,

alongside a 35-7 misfortune by the Tampa Inlet Marauders, moved Wilks' felines only one game behind the NFC South lead.

The success has likewise given these 5-8 Jaguars control of their own fate. Presently in runner up with a 3-1 divisional record,

Carolina is in a great situation to construct ahe towardsa season finisher spot. 

To arrive, they'll need to overcome a last four-game stretch-one that incorporates no groups with a triumphant record.

So-since they overturned the seven-win Seahawks in Seattle maybe any semblance of the 5-8 Pittsburgh Steelers,

6-7 Detroit Lions, 6-7 Marauders and 4-9 New Orleans Holy people don't appear to be very much overwhelming.

However, as these Pumas keep on winning the day, seeing such a vibe decent turnaround is reviving.

Wilks merits a ton of credit for pulling a once out of commission, 1-4 group out of the profundities of misery and into dispute.