Morocco's unlikely, history-production run at the World Cup is going to get its definitive test.

Africa's most memorable World Cup semifinalist is playing reigning champ France and striker Kylian Mbappé,

the head of a new flood of soccer geniuses emerging from a time overwhelmed by Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo.

Wednesday's match has social and political undertones - Morocco was under French rule from 1912-1956

- also, the result is nowhere near the inescapable result many would assume by checking out at the names of

the players and the rankings of the groups. Morocco has surpassed all assumptions in Qatar by beating second-positioned Belgium 

in the gathering stage and afterward wiping out European powerho Spain and Portugal in the knockout stage to arrive at the elimination rounds.

No African or Middle Easterner country has at any point gotten this far.

It is perhaps of the greatest story On the planet Cup's 92-year history and Morocco isn't finished at this point.

" I was inquired as to whether we can win the World Cup and l said, 'Same difference either way. We can dream,

it doesn't cost you anything to have dreams," said Walid Regragui, Morocco's French-conceived mentor.  "European nations are accustomed to winning

the World Cup and we have played top sides, we have not had a simple run. Anybody playing us will fear us currently."