The television seeing world has lost at this point another mainstream society symbol.

Jason David Honest, most popular to Saturday morning television fans for his job as Tommy Oliver on the broad Power Officers establishment,

has kicked the bucket. As of the present moment, subtleties regarding this situation are still scant,

however sources report that the veteran entertainer kicked the bucket by self destruction. Honest was 49 at the hour of his passing.

Jason David Honest's rep, Justine Hart, affirmed his passing to TMZ and expressed that the star kicked the bucket in Texas.

Hart likewise imparted a proclamation to the news site in which she conveyed the family's desires and honored her client:

Jason David Forthcoming was brought into the world in Corvina, California on September 4, 1973. 

The young fellow would eventually ascend to unmistakable quality when he was tapped for the job of Tommy Oliver during creation on Season 1 

of Fox's Strong Morphin Power Officers, which debuted in 1993. However the person was initialy simply intended to show up in 14 episodes,

the cool high schooler - who joined the nominal group as the impressive green officer, turned into an ordinary.

In Season 2, Tommy turned into the white officer and the new head of the gathering, and Candid would assume the part in the dramatic variation of the series

After MMPR finished its three-season run in 1995, he featured in the subsequent shows Power Officers Zeo 

and Super (and the component film of a similar name), prior to moving back from the establishment in 1997.