Priyanka Chopra has made allegations about a big film director wanting to see her in underwear and pressuring her during a film shoot.

According to Priyanka, she was playing the role of an undercover agent in a film and was asked to strip during a seduction scene.

The film producer allegedly told her that people would only come to see the film if she appeared in underwear.

Priyanka considered this moment to be inhuman and realized that her talent was undervalued.

After working for two days, the director removed her from the film and asked her to return the money.

Priyanka also mentioned how she had to compromise and adapt in Bollywood, including eating beef with industry people to maintain her standing.

She expressed being tired of the politics in Bollywood and is now primarily focused on her Hollywood career.

Priyanka is highly regarded in Hollywood, with many renowned actors praising her talent.