Ashish Vidyarthi's second marriage has left his first wife, Rajoshi Vidyarthi, heartbroken and in pain.

People were shocked to see 60-year-old Ashish remarrying after having a good relationship with Rajoshi Vidyarthi.

Rajoshi Vidyarthi expressed her anguish in two posts, emphasizing the importance of being valued and finding peace.

The reasons behind Ashish and Rajoshi Vidyarthi deteriorating relationship leading to divorce remain unknown to the public.

Ashish had previously credited Rajoshi Vidyarthi for changing his life, making their separation even more perplexing.

Rajoshi Vidyarthi posts indicate her struggle with overthinking and doubt, as she seeks clarity and peace in her life.

Rajoshi Vidyarthi heartfelt words have made it clear that she is referring to Ashish's second marriage.

The timing of Ashish's divorce from Rajoshi and subsequent remarriage remains undisclosed.

Ashish and Rajoshi were seen spending quality time together until recently, adding to the confusion surrounding their split.

Only Ashish Vidyarthi and Rajoshi hold the true knowledge of what transpired between them.