Phoenix Mercury focus Brittney Griner has been let out of a Russian correctional settlement and is in US guardianship

after a detainee trade for arms seller Viktor Session, President Biden affirmed Thursday morning. CBS News was first to report the trade.

In a newS Gathering at the White House, Biden said the trade had been underway for the beyond two weeks,

and he had given the last go on for the trade. Biden talked with Griner on the telephone, and Griner's significant other, Cherelle Griner,

was at the White House on Thursday. The trade occurred in the Unified Bedouin Emirates. From NFL plays to school sports scores,

every one of the top games news you want to know consistently. Biden said that the "previous few months have been damnation for Brittney" yet that she is feeling great.

"We always remembered about Brittney" Biden said. "I'm delighted to have the option to say Brittney is feeling great.

She's feeling much better to at last be going home, and the reality stays that she's lost a long time of her life, encountered an unnecessary injury.

She merits space, protection and time with her friends and family to recuperate and mend from her time being unjustly kept.

"She kept in touch with me back in July. She didn't request unique treatment, despite the fact that we'd been dealing with her delivery from the very beginning.

She mentioned, a straightforward statement, 'Kindly remember about me and the other American prisoners Biden added.

Biden said the US is still attempting to bring back Paul Whelan, who has been imprisoned in Russia starting around 2018 on charges of secret activities.