The sovereign of nation pop regarded her kindred Individuals' Decision honoree.

Shania Twain might feel like a lady, however this evening she demonstrated deserving of her symbol status.

The Grammy winning vocalist lyricist has pushed limits in music for quite a long time and motivated an age of ladies with

her anthemic women's activist verses to melodies like "Man! I Feel Like a Lady!", "That Don't Dazzle Me Much" and "I'm Going to Getcha Great"

She even ventured out on honorary pathway diverting her 1998 video for "That Don't Dazzle Me Much" — dressed head to toe in cheetah print.

A look have Keenan Thompson reproduced in one of the night's more clever dramas and tweets.

At the point when she made that big appearance later in the show to acknowledge the current year's Music Symbol grant

and play out a mixture of her hits, including "That Don't Dazzle Me Much", she dumped the verbally expressed verses "Brad Pitt"

and respected individual Canadian and Individuals' Symbol Grant candidate.

"Alright, so you're not kidding!" she said as the cameras slice to the amazed Deadpool star.

No word yet from Brad Pitt on how he feels about getting unloaded by Shania!

While ideal for the occasion, our main thing from her second at the center of attention was her sweet recognition for her mom.