The melodic couple, comprised of sisters Chauntee Ross on violin and Monique Ross on cello,

are joining a first class rundown of Wisconsin locals to perform live from 30 Stone on "Saturday Night Live,"

as a feature of Grammy-winning vocalist musician Brandi Carlile's band. They're in superb organization,

with satire legends and "Just Killings in the Structure" co-stars Steve Martin and Martin Short co-facilitating.

"Saturday Night Live" airs on NBC (in Milwaukee that is by means of WTMJ-television, Station 4) at 10:30 p.m.

Steve Martin and Martin Short are co-facilitating. This will be Martin's sixteenth time facilitating

the famous improv show. Short, a one-time cast part, will have for the fourth time.

Brought up on the north side, Chauntee and her more seasoned sister Monique originally played in one more sister bunch,

Sisters of Praize, with more established sisters Charice Ross on violin and Rickena Johnson on viola,

handling their most memorable gigs at schools, libraries, places of worship and nursing homes in the city.

"There are five of us (Ross kids) that play music," Chauntee told the Diary Sentinel in 2017.

"We as a whole took examples and all purchased instruments, and my folks were not rich, yet they made it work."