The summer gaming showcases have arrived, and Sony is taking the lead.

After a long wait of 20 months and a series of smaller presentations, we are finally treated to another PlayStation Showcase.

This event will unveil what's in store for PlayStation 5 and PlayStation VR2, showcasing a range of first-party, third-party, and indie games.

Sony has been secretive about the specific content of this hour-long live stream, leaving fans curious and eager to discover what surprises await.

Anticipated highlights include fresh glimpses of upcoming 2023 PS5 exclusives such as Marvel's Spider-Man 2,

as well as insights into the exciting lineup of apps for the highly anticipated PSVR2.

Undoubtedly, this PlayStation event carries significant importance, reminiscent of the 2021 presentation that

unveiled titles like Marvel's Wolverine and the Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic remake.

 With a jam-packed show on the horizon, it might be challenging to keep track of every announcement.

Therefore, we will be diligently updating this article throughout the May 2023 PlayStation Showcase to ensure you don't miss a single revelation.