Fathers making fun of their children: It's a revered custom — one that is overall affectionately passed down in entertainer David Tennant's family.

The "Specialist Who" star and his child Ty Occupant, who as of late showed up in HBO's "Place of the Winged serpent," both featured at London's Comic Con this week.

The senior Tennant presented holding a nervy give up his child's head, in a photograph shared by Georgia Tennant, the 20-year-old entertainer's mom.

"He's not unreasonably exceptional!" the sign peruses, as the dad takes a gander at the camera with a stoic expression while his child,

apparently neglectful at what has all the earmarks of being a fan meet-and-welcome table, looks ahead into the distance. The trick is a family custom.

Peter Davison, who played the fifth "Specialist Who" during the 1980s, is David Tennant's father by marriage and Ty Tennant's granddad.

In April, Davison held up a comparative sign for his child in-regulation at one more Comic Con in Grains — however this time, "that" is underlined,

though Tennant highlighted "He's," obviously answering the first months after the fact. "The adventure proceeds," one fan tweeted,

showing a picture of what has all the earmarks of being Davison holding up one more sign close to Michael Sheen,

who featured with David Tennant in the show "Hints of something to look forward to," that peruses, "Presently he is unique."

ust how long could this energetic custom at any point continue? Indeed, it's a major family.

Georgia Tennant likewise acted in "Specialist Who," which is the way she met David Tennant, the tenth and fourteenth specialists in the series. 

They have five youngsters including Ty Occupant, Georgia Tennant's first-conceived child, whom David Tennant embraced, as per a meeting he did with Outright Radio in 2012.