"I don't believe that anybody should feel alone," Meghan Markle said during a meeting at the Wave of Trust Celebration in New York City on Nov.

6. During the meeting with Meghan, 41, and Sovereign Harry - who got the Wave of Expectation Grant for their promotion

figure out on friendly problems - the Duchess of Sussex made sense of why she talked about having self-destructive considerations

in their 2021 plunk down interview with Oprah Winfrey. "We as a whole need to, when we can, in the event

that we feel sufficiently valiant, to simply talk really about your own insight," said Markle, per Page Six.

"It gives others space and the fortitude to do likewise, yet more than that, to truly feel like you're in good company,

since I imagine that is much of the time what can be the biggest block when you feel as such, you don't see an exit plan," she added.

Meghan likewise conceded that she battled with these sentiments, particularly while offering them to Harry, 38.

"I was truly embarrassed to express it at that point and embarrassed to need to just own it to Harry, particularly on the grounds

that I know how much misfortune he has endured, yet that's what I knew whether I didn't say it, then, at that point,

I would make it happen. I simply didn't have any desire to be alive any longer."

"In any case, assuming you feel like there's another person that has a lived insight.