Previous Migos part Departure was shot and killed in the early long periods of Nov. 1, 2022. Presently, authorities have captured Patrick Xavier Clark, 33,

and accused him of homicide for the stunning misfortune. His mugshot should be visible underneath.

The capture was made on the night of Thursday, Dec. 1, as per Houston Police boss Troy Finner in a public interview on Dec. 2.

A 22-year-elderly person named Cameron Joshua was likewise accused of the unlawful conveying of a weapon.

"We lost a decent man," Finner said during the gathering. I didn't have the joy of meeting him. Everyone in the many individuals

that I converse with talked about what an extraordinary individual he was. I need to thank the family

and every other person for their understanding and for permitting us to manage the proof and current realities."

After Finner, a sergeant inside the Houston Police Division gave more knowledge into what went down that sad evening.

"The occasion was a confidential party. There was a worthwhile dice game that happened at the occasion.

There was a contention that happened a while later external the bowling alley, which prompted the shooting," he made sense of.

He added that Departure was "not associated with the contention" and was an "guiltless observer."

The late "Lodging Entryway" rapper was brought into the world on June 18, 1994, and tragically kicked the bucket early on of 28 years of age.