San Francisco lead trainer Kyle Shanahan understands what Jimmy Garoppolo is.. what's more, isn't.

Garoppolo, who was lost for essentially the remainder of the ordinary season (and presumably more) to a foot injury

during the 49ers' 33-multi Week 13 win over the Miami Dolphins, is an entirely satisfactory merchant of the football in the right situation.

If you need profound shots, and tight-window tosses over the center, Garoppolo has never been that quy.

It's one explanation the 49ers gave three first-round picks to the Dolphins before the 2021 draft to go up

and choose North Dakota State quarterback Three pointer Spear with the third by and large pick.

Tragically, Spear was lost in September to a cracked lower leg, so when Garoppolo was harmed,

the 49ers needed to go with lowa State newbie Brock Purdy, the last player chosen in the 2022 draft,

and subsequently, the current year's "Mr. Superfluous." Purdy did well against Miami, finishing 25 of 37 passes for 210 yards,

two scores, one interference, and a passer rating of 88.8. The tape showed that he expected to accelerate his interaction on occasion,

yet in addition that he dealt with pressure well, and unraveled Miami's numerous inclusions also, rushes with astonishing assurance.

Brock Purdy's new job is certainly not a programmed out for 49ers' postseason trusts After the Dolphins game,

Shanahan tried to specify the amount he values Purdy's bravery comes to making profound efforts.