The scars have plainly not mended. Not surprisingly, the Dodgers have been connected (wrongly,

up to this point) with practically all of the top free specialists available this offseason. Be that as it may, Carlos Correa isn't the typical case.

Correa's association with the Houston Astros' 2017 give taking outrage and Worldwide championship triumph up

the Dodgers stacks some weighty stuff on any gossip that the Dodgers could sign him to supplant the left Trea Turner.

Correa is seen by fans as one of the more unrepentant individuals from that Astros group

and any time his name is referenced regarding the Dodgers, online entertainment grows with irate fans swearing

they will drop faithfulness to the group in the event that Correa wears the Dodger uniform. Secretly,

the Dodgers' leaders are worried about the gathering Correa could get from their fan base in genuine Dodger Arena -

especially in the event that he doesn't quickly live up to the outsized assumptions his agreement would most likely make.

In any case, could there be similar response in the Dodgers' clubhouse? Just three players

who played in the 2017 Worldwide championship are still with the Dodgers - Clayton Kershaw,

Austin Barnes and Chris Taylor. Justin Turner would be a fourth if he re-signs with the group.