Tina Turner has honored her child, Ronald "Ronnie" Turner, who died out of nowhere Thursday at age 62.

"Ronnie, you left the world very early. In distress I shut my eyes and think about you, my darling child,"

the Grammy-winning artist composed Friday in a subtitle for a highly contrasting Instagram photograph of herself,

eyes shut, in a contemplative posture. Ronnie's widow, Afida Turner, affirmed the news on Instagram on Friday.

Paramedics had hurried to a home in the San Fernando Valley, where Ronnie was seen as attempting to relax.

Salvage laborers endeavored CPR, however hevwas articulated dead.

"My god Ronnie turner a genuine heavenly messenger hiuge [sic] soul profoundly otherworldly my better half

 my closest companion my child iyour [sic] mummy your medical caretaker I did the best to the end this time

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I was no [sicl capable to save you love u for this 17 years this is extremely terrible I am exceptionally distraught "