The Minnesota Vikings are at the highest point of the NFC North with a 10-2 record,

yet there is still a great deal of talk about them being a false group.

The conversation encompassing the Vikings is in all honesty debilitating.

Investigators are searching because of motivations to ruin a group that has a success differential of +8 to affirm their priors on

what they had in the group before the season began. You can take a gander at many details and measurements,

however the two that stand apart are strength of timetable and strength of triumph. In those details,

the Vikings are right now 6th and fifth, separately. You can scrutinize the Vikings for not taking care of groups

and just having on of their successes by more than one score. You can take a gander at the protection

and say that they aren't sufficient against the best offenses (which isn't correct).

Hell, you can say that Kirk Cousins is definitely not a sufficient quarterback to lead a group to the Super Bowl.

These would have a tad of legitimacy however don't recount the entire story. In any case, what you can't do is say that

the Vikings can't overtake a decent or extraordinary group, as they are right now 5-2 against groups with records of .500 or better.