U.S. soccer columnist Award Wahl has passed on at 49 in Qatar early Saturday while covering the World Cup, U.S. Soccer said in a proclamation.

"The whole U.S. soccer family is sorrowful to discover that we have lost Award Wahl," U.S. Soccer said in an explanation Friday.

"Devotees of soccer and news-casting of the greatest quality realized we could constantly depend on Award to convey wise and engaging tales about our game,

and its significant heroes: Groups, players, mentors, and the numerous characters that make soccer not at all like any game. Here in the US,

Award's enthusiasm for soccer and obligation to raising its profile across our brandishing scene assumed a significant part in assisting with driving interest in

and regard for our wonderful game." Toward the start of his "Fútbol with Award Wahl" digital broadcast Thursday, Wahl said he had bronchitis

and had been to the clinical center two times that day and dropped all that to rest. He said he felt quite a bit improved yet not 100 percent.

"I'm feeling better today. I fundamentally dropped everything on this Thursday that I had, and snoozed and I'm improving that you can most likely let in my voice know

that I'm not at it at 100 percent here. Ideally I won't hack during this web recording. I'm hacking a great deal," he said.

"Everybody's hacking here in like this is in no way, shape or form restricted to me like such countless columnists have an insane hack.

It seems like a final breath some of the time. The main thing that is amazing for me really is there isn't

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