Ashish Vidyarthi remarried fashion entrepreneur Rupali Baruah in Kolkata after divorcing his first wife.

Previously, Ashish was often seen with his first wife, Rajoshi Vidyarthi, expressing love and affection.

Rajoshi Vidyarthi is the daughter of well-known Bengali actress Shakuntala Baruah.

Rajoshi Vidyarthi started her career as a radio jockey and also worked in films and TV serials.

Ashish and Rajoshi Vidyarthi have a son who is currently studying abroad.

Their relationship went sour, but the exact time of their divorce is unknown.

Ashish Vidyarthi has a YouTube channel where he and Rajoshi Vidyarthi appeared together in blogs.

They went to America a few months ago to be with their son.

Ashish is also a co-founder of a music company called It's Key.

There is limited concrete information available regarding Ashish's remarriage and divorce from Rajoshi Vidyarthi.