All of you saw the strain and nervousness we endured during our game against Mexico until we scored,

and furthermore the help at the last whistle after our 2-0 triumph. There was such a lot of strain on us after we lost to Saudi Arabia

and that help was for everybody - for the entire group and every one of our fans here, however particularly for Messi.

It would have been a horrendous and excruciating finish to see Argentina dispensed with in the gathering stage in what is most likely his last World Cup.

However, we are not in the last 16 yet. Presently we need to win once more - this time against Poland - to be certain we make it.

It will not be simple, the group actually needs to work on a ton, however ideally we have some certainty subsequent to beating Mexico.

Also, we generally have Messi, obviously. We have depended on him so often previously, and we realize we can depend on him again in Qatar.

It will difficult for us to go far in this competition, that's what we know. In any case, essentially we can dream about this Argentina group once more - and that is a result of him.

I was there toward the beginning of Messi's excursion with Argentina and I trust such a lot of that he can complete it by lifting this World Cup.

From whenever I first saw him contact the ball at the main instructional course we had together for the under-20 group,

I realized he would have been an extremely extraordinary player. Obviously, we had found out about Messi at Barcelona before we met him,

yet that was whenever he first came to play for Argentina. He didn't say a lot of then, yet we gave him a monstrous warm greeting to the group

and immediately acknowledged exactly the way that great he was. He accompanied us to the 2005 Under-20 World Cup in the Netherlands when he was 17.

I was Argentina commander and we won the competition together - all things considered, it was generally down to him!