Will Smith made his re-visitation of late-night TV on Monday when he showed up on The Everyday Show With Trevor Noah interestingly

since he slapped Chris Rock on the Dolby Theater stage at the current year's Oscars.

At the point when Noah got some information about his excursion in the months since the slap occurrence, Smith started by saying that it was "a terrible evening."

"[There are] numerous subtleties and intricacies to it, you know, yet by the day's end, I just, I lost it, you know," Smith told Noah.

"I think about what I would agree, you simply never understand what someone's going through."

He went on by making sense of that he was going through something that evening, not so that "legitimizes my way of behaving by any means."

"You're asking, what did I realize? Furthermore, it's that we just became good to one another, man," Smith said. "You know, it's like, it's hard. 

Also, I surmise what was generally agonizing for me is, I took my hard and made it hard for others.

You know, it's like, I comprehended the thought when they say hurt individuals hurt individuals."

Noah said he had a companion call him, saying he felt they saw the genuine Smith in front of an audience that evening, however Noah dissented,

saying he thought the entertainer only went to bat for some unacceptable thing at some unacceptable time.

The Everyday Show have proceeded with that things were turning out to be "perseveringly crappy" and Smith responded interestingly.