The greeting Cherelle Griner got to the White House on Thursday morning was to meet with public safety counsel Jake Sullivan.

This wasn't her most memorable outing to 1600 Pennsylvania Ave., yet it was whenever authorities first didn't attempt to bring down her assumptions before she arrived.

At the point when she showed up, she was taken to the Oval Office and welcomed not by Sullivan, but rather by his chief, President Joe Biden.

The arrangement is occurring, he told her. A moment later he got a call and they heard the news together: Brittney Griner was back in U.S. guardianship.

The call was fixed through to Griner, who was remaining on a landing area in Abu Dhabi, Joined Middle Easterner Emirates,

wearing a weave cap over her as of late shorn hair. President Biden talked first. "It's Joe Biden," he expressed, as indicated by a White House official.

"Welcome - - welcome home." Cherelle Griner was then prompted a confidential lounge area where she could talk with her better half - -

a liberated person without precedent for 294 days - - without Russian authorities tuning in. Furthermore, at some point in the early hours Friday, 

she was supposed to welcome her significant other after she arrived in San Antonio. Government authorities and sources near Griner talked with

Thursday portrayed a chaotic last section to Griner's time in Russia. For a really long time, U.S. authorities said secretly, and periodically freely,

that Russia basically wouldn't participate in dealings. The US proposed to exchange indicted arms vendor Viktor Session, 12 years into a 25-year sentence, for Griner

and previous marine Paul Whelan, who has been in Russian care on undercover work charges for quite some time.